The simplistic “cutting it out” concept is deceptively attractive and intuitively reasonable but horribly false. The dastardly underhanded promises of easy surgery and easy recovery from surgeons who wish it were true will leave most men suffering from miserable complications, limp, leaking and robbed of quality-of-life.

Most prostate “cancers” are the Gleason 3+3=6 and clinical and molecular biology studies have shown that this disease LACKS the hallmarks of a cancer. Yet, most men with this Gleason 3+3=6 disease will undergo a toxic robotic prostatectomy as if they had a real cancer. To boot, the robotic prostatectomy device was fraudulently approved by the FDA for use in prostate cancer on the basis of some irrelevant gallbladder studies. Only high-grade prostate cancer is potentially lethal, demands detection and demands treatment but not with the robotic prostatectomy.

Robotic prostatectomy complications

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